YOUR YOGA IS YOUR SANCTUARY – a safe environment where you can find peace in your body and mind. You will always feel welcomed here, accepted and celebrated for your authentic self — and met by friendly teachers who will infuse you with yoga’s magic.  Join an enthusiastic community of friends as we grow spiritually, learning to trust our hearts, free our minds and live balanced lives. This is your place to learn, play, and be inspired.

Welcome, Yogis!

At Your Yoga, we offer a diverse array of classes as we focus on offering a class for "every body."  We utilize props and modifications in our teachings to make yoga accessible to everyone, so you do not have to be young or flexible to do yoga.  

Each teacher offers a unique class infused with their personal teaching style that reflects their intention as a teacher. You are sure to find something that suits your mind, body, and spirit at Your Yoga.  

Latest News

Arm Balancing workshop

THURSDAY OCTOBER 30th 5:30-7:30P

In this All Levels Workshop,  
we will break down the most common arm balances, giving you the tools to start practicing these poses in YOUR YOGA practice.
Learn the essential elements of these powerful poses and develop mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility!

Your Yoga       Located in the emerson        111 South Grand       suite 223       Bozeman                     406.599.5005