britt bahle

Where did you grow up?   I was born and raised in northern Michigan, but I have since lived in Colorado, Alaska, Spain, Chile, Germany, Nevada, and California.  

When did you move to Bozeman?   I moved to Bozeman last September to go to massage therapy school (and ski.)

When did you begin your Yoga journey?   I feel like my yoga journey began so long ago I don’t even remember when it was…. Maybe 15 years ago? My mom practiced  prenatal yoga with me in the womb, can I count that?

Why did you decide to become a Yoga teacher?    I became a teacher because I love yoga.

Describe your teaching style.   I’ve taught a lot of different styles but I would say that my personal style is light hearted but challenging, fun and energetic.

What is your spirit animal and why? Jack Black is my spirit animal. Because he makes me laugh so hard it hurts. 

What color (or colors) is your Aura and why? I think my aura is red.

What are 3 unique or interesting things about you? 

1.) I’m the daughter of a fruit farmer, so I guess a unique fact about me is that I’ve been able to drive a tractor since I was ten years old.

2.) Most people don’t know that I speak Spanish and German and that in my former life I had dreams of becoming a language professor.

3.) Also, I believe that cheese creates joy and if there were only one food I could eat for the rest of my life that would be it.

What do you hope to share/cultivate through Yoga? 

What I hope to share through yoga is to help people feel better and move more easily and that it carries over into their daily lives.

How do you end each class - your closing farewell? My closing mantra is: I hope you feel better than when you walked in. 

chelsea orth

Where did you grow up?   California.

When did you move to Bozeman and why?  I moved out to Bozeman in June 2012 after visiting multiple times the prior year. The mountains drew me in. There was more excitement happening out west and I was ready for new scenery.

When did you begin your Yoga journey?   After experiencing my first yoga class in Nicaragua in 2013 I realized that my monkey mind could slow down a bit. There were life events going on and I finally found a safe space to be. A place inside myself that knew whatever external events were going on could not crush my true home within.I had found the place I had been looking for and it was all within myself.

Why did you decide to become a Yoga teacher?   Then one night I was lying half awake. This sudden realization came to me - I could become a yoga teacher and travel the world! From then on I saved money for Yoga teacher training and flew to Bali, Indonesia in April 2015. I completed 200 hours plus another 30 hours in pre/post natal, children and teenager yoga. I would have never guessed I was going to be living a yogi life - it's AMAZING.

Describe your teaching style.  My teaching style is gentle which provides a space that is safe and full of love. I truly believe that yoga is used to heal the body within the pancha koshas; physical, mental-emotional, wisdom, energy, and bliss bodies. Hatha - vinyasa fusion comes forward in class, with a gentle cool down and always a relaxing savasana accompanied by essential oils for an aromatic effect. 

What is your spirit animal?   I have a nurturing tendency leading me think I may be a Moose or Bear spirit animal. A lot of energy flows out from the heart protecting those around me from harm. If something comes up you bet I will make sure everyone is safe and sound. 

What color (or colors) is your Aura?   

Lately the colors I feel emanating from my energy body are green, purple, and a clear luminescence. Green represents a clear heart chakra - something I have been increasingly more aware in recent months. Purple is this ultimate knowing within the third eye chakra - tuning into the heart and third eye I feel a great sense of knowing, intuition and clarity. I also relate this to a good sense of self reflection. The clear color wraps into the Universe where I can see that WE are ALL one cosmic being. All here to experience all that is!! 

What are 3 unique or interesting things about you?    

1.) I love to hug others, there is a connection that is undeniable. In kindergarten my parents received a phone call home. Miss Honkomp kindly explained that some students in class felt uncomfortable because I was hugging everyone and maybe too often. I was told at age 5 to stop... it took a while for me to unlock this gift again and I am grateful it has come back around.

2.) I have a younger sister, Nicole, and we look almost identical. Often times we are asked if we are twins. She enjoys Your Yoga, if you see her say hi! 

3.) I lived on a goat ranch in Northern California this summer. It was full of self-love, self-practice and mediation. Of course the goats were adorable and goofy. Have you watched a goat run before?

What do you hope to share/cultivate through Yoga?   One day in the near future I foresee a lot of peace coming into the world. I know that one way for this to happen is by being open to all. Finding the space within to practice non-judgement and instead replace with love. Love is really are there is. You can achieve this by continuing to find your own yoga practice and see how it relates into every day adventures. I hope to cultivate this within each class, by awakening the curiosity of the inner child. Can we continue to love, to be playful and to fully experience all that is? 

How do you end each class - your closing farewell? Each class ends with a moment to reflect on the peace and space created. Feeling the light and love - encouraging to bring these energies forth to whomever one meets. A small reminder to always find purity of thought, purity of speech, and purity of heart. A closing OM wraps the practice together.

Anything else you would like to add? I would also enjoy more interactions with students by filling the gap of the roles we fill (teacher/student). I am a student of yoga just as everyone else is. I encourage each and every one of you to come chat. What about? - anything. I really enjoy getting to know everyone's story as each one is unique and full of life just waiting to be heard. Let us share in our experiences of this human life. It is one way we can share love. Coffee, tea? Anyone?

jessica cartwright

Where did you grow up?   Georgia

When did you move to Bozeman and why?   2010 because my family lives here and it's just the pace I like with the vibrancy I've come to love.

When did you begin your Yoga journey?   First class at age 16, changed my life!

Why did you decide to become a Yoga teacher?   After moving back from Argentina - 2010.

Describe your teaching style. From the soul! I'm dedicating to touching on the spiritual aspects .

What is your spirit animal? LIGER

What color (or colors) is your Aura?   Purple and turquoise because I'm connected and communicative.

What are 3 unique or interesting things about you?   

 1) I'm fluent in Spanish.

2) I grew up teaching horseback riding.

3) I have a daughter named Bella that is my greatest spiritual teacher and such an intuitive!

What do you hope to share/cultivate through Yoga?    Don't worry, be happy!

How do you end each class - your closing farewell? With a sweet song, chant or an aum. reminding us that we are exactly where we need to be, exactly who we need to be.

Anything else you would like to add? I want you to love you!

lilly herro

Where did you grow up?   Jackson Hole, WY

When did you move to Bozeman and why?   I moved to Bozeman in 2011 from Missoula with my college sweetheart to save money en route to moving to LA (he had a house here). I decided I didn't want to live in LA so he left and I stayed. 

When did you begin your Yoga journey?  The first time I took a yoga class was in 6th grade. I was with the same teachers until I left for college. Yoga was a constant during the chaos of college and beyond.

Why did you decide to become a Yoga teacher?   I decided to do my training to deepen my personal practice, I didn't go into it thinking I wanted to teach. My teachers have been paramount to my growth both on and off the mat, I could only hope to do the same for someone else.

Describe your teaching style.   Hatha with an Ashtanga influence is what I was trained in. My personal style is definitely one that tries to cultivate unconditional love and kindness towards ourselves and, by proxy, towards others. Your practice should be something you look forward to and enjoy.

What is your spirit animal?    I've always felt drawn to foxes but my spirit animal is probably a house cat if I'm being honest! I love to sleep and cuddle and have a hard time when people are overly enthusiastic :) 

What color (or colors) is your Aura?   I have a theory that your aura correlates to your stronger chakras; I'm always trying to take care of base needs so I think my aura is red (root chakra) most days. I try to show my affection because I think people can be very closed off to one another so hopefully my aura is green (heart chakra) more often than not.

What are 3 unique or interesting things about you?    

1.) I cannot cross my eyes.
2.)  My sense of smell is almost nonexistent thanks to a wicked sinus infection many years ago.
3.) I love Tom Waits and David Byrne the most.  

What do you hope to share/cultivate through Yoga?    I hope to help people be less hard on themselves through yoga, to teach them that we are the cause of our own distress but we are also the solution, to love themselves and others unconditionally. 

How do you end each class - your closing farewell? Om Shanti shanti shanti Namaste
May we make peace with the past, live in peace in the present, and cultivate peace for the future. The light in me honors and salutes the light in each one of you.

nicole wild

Where did you grow up?   I was born and raised here in Bozeman. I always planned to leave Montana after High School, but I realized I spent many of my younger years taking this beautiful place for granted, and I'm just now starting to thoroughly appreciate living here. While I have a huge passion for travel, Montana is the only place I've called home. 

When did you begin your Yoga journey?   

My journey into yoga began as it does for many people: to lose weight. It was simple. I was unhealthy, unhappy, and knew that I had to make some major changes if I wanted to set myself up for success in a long and healthy life. To be honest, I dreaded my first yoga class. Truly, I thought that I'd hate it, but I made a commitment to myself to just give it a shot. The first class went better than I'd expected, but I wasn't in love yet. I was intrigued. I remember coming home to my roommate at the time and saying, "I enjoyed it, but I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who say 'Namaste'." Ha! (Maybe if I knew what Namaste meant at the time, I would have felt different.) Anyways, fast forward until now, about 6 years later, yoga has become one of the biggest parts of my life. It is truly my passion, and I wake up each morning thinking about it. 

What I want to make clear is this: I got into yoga to lose weight, and I made those transformations. I'm 45 pounds lighter than I was in my first yoga class, and a whole lot healthier. BUT the transformations mentally and emotionally are simply immeasurable. With a goal to infuse yoga into everything I do on a daily basis, I've become calmer, happier, more grateful, more accepting, less resistant. I'm beginning to tap into a place of love -- for myself and for others -- in a way that I haven't before. I'm crying as I write this with hopes that I can bring that to other people, too. There's importance in having a healthy body, but there's even more importance, I believe, in maintaining a healthy mind. The physical practice is much easier to facilitate than the mind, but it's a goal of mine to include both into each class that I teach.

Describe your teaching style.   I enjoy teaching a physically challenging class, but aim to keep the atmosphere playful, fun and laid-back. With upbeat and often loud music, we'll sweat and flow and hopefully find a laugh or two also. I aim to begin and/or end each class with a quote or intention for students to take out of the room with them, so that their yoga practice doesn't stop when they leave the mat. It's important to me to acknowledge that the yoga practice is much bigger than just a physical one. And to my students: I LOVE feedback. I am inspired to continue learning how I can make my classes better for YOU. I'm beyond passionate about sharing this incredible practice with others, and teaching is a practice in itself -- I hope to continue growing as a facilitator and as a practitioner as long as I live. This is truly only the beginning. I'll keep you updated, and I hope you will come on the journey with me. I'd love to hear your stories too. We're all in this together. Namaste.  

sally hope

Where did you grow up?   California.

When did you move to Bozeman and why?   I moved to Bozeman in 2012 after I stumbled upon the town while on a roadtrip in a 34 foot RV named Bessie, with a friend, and my Great Dane. 

When did you begin your Yoga journey?   Aside from a couple gym yoga classes I'd taken, I didn't start my yoga journey until I got to Bozeman when a friend wanted to trade private yoga for private life coaching. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't "love at first site" until I found Kundalini yoga randomly when another friend said he thought I'd like it and that I should check it out.

Why did you decide to become a Yoga teacher?   When I went to my first Kundalini class I was blown away at the depth of the practice and how tangible it felt to me to have a class based around a different aspect of my life I wanted to work on. It wasn't just about the body movements, but about everything in my life (body, emotions, experiences). I became a yoga teacher because Kundalini has the ability to completely transform a person's life, and I wanted to help bring that people in a down-to-earth way.

Describe your teaching style.   My teaching style is practical, tangible, musical and fun. 

What is your spirit animal?   My spirit animal is olives. :) 

What color (or colors) is your Aura?   I'm not sure what my aura is but I have three 8's in my numerology chart. 

What are 3 unique or interesting things about you?    

1.) I used to be a touring musician in LA in a rock n roll band 

2.) I've run my own business for the past 7 years while traveling

3.) I love riding my motorcycle on a warm Montana day.

What do you hope to share/cultivate through Yoga?    Through yoga I hope to help alleviate suffering in people's lives and teach people tangible tools they can use anytime to help make their lives better.

How do you end each class - your closing farewell? I end each class with this: "Peace to all, light to all, love to all. May you live in a way that your life be your message."

Anything else you would like to add? Kundalini is awesome. It might seem foreign at first but it is also really fun. Come say hello.

sarah novotney

Where did you grow up?   I grew up on the waters of Lake Angelus, Michigan.

When did you move to Bozeman and why?   I moved to Bozeman in 2010 due to the gravitational pull of the mountains, and to attend Montana State University for Health and Human Development. 

When did you begin your Yoga journey?   I began my Yoga journey in 2011, but more extensively in 2014 for a whole yogic life transformation.  Soon after I graduated MSU in 2014, I went to Peru to complete my 200hr YTT.  The following year, I broke my leg and was off of work for 5 months.  During that time, I started my Yoga Nidra journey, sending me on a whole new life path.  Since then, I have further studied with the Amrit Yoga Institute completing my advanced Yoga Nidra training, Yoga of Recovery, and Yoga Therapy certifications.  I am currently back and forth from the Ashram in Salt Spring FL working on completing my 500HR.  Learning these teachings is my passion and I couldn’t be happier.


Why did you decide to become a Yoga teacher?   I was originally going to school for Physical Therapy due to all the physical injuries I’ve had.  I was a ski racer in the past and always an active lady – resulting in four knee surgeries, a broken ankle, broken leg, fractured ribs, broken shoulder, fingers, nose, concussions.  Healing myself through physical measures was not healing myself fully, I felt a deep lack of the spiritual and emotional health.  Soon after I completed my undergrad at MSU, my dear mother asked if I wanted to take a trip with her to Peru for a Yoga Teacher Training.  I enjoyed taking Yoga classes but never really considered being a teacher, but how could I pass up this opportunity?!  

That training fed my soul with so many new passions and insights, including the spiritual texts of Yoga, Peruvian Shamanism, and Yoga Nidra.  From then on, I was fascinated in how to heal oneself from chronic pain, the past, trauma, addictions, self-destructive habits, reactions, and behaviors.  

I began healing myself wholly, simply from the practices I learned through Yoga and the Amrit Yoga Institute.  I realized all the physical trauma was the only way the Universe could get my attention to become aware of repeating karmic cycles, slow down, and listen/see mySelf for who I was.  

I slowly began to see life differently, was released from my past, felt my physical pains change, watched my behaviors and reactions positively shift, and went through a full body/mind/spirit transformation.  Yoga saved my life.

Describe your teaching style.   I teach on an energetic level, directing my students to tune into sensation and feelings, allowing the wisdom of the body to communicate, “speak”, release, and heal itself.  I teach the most ancient teachings and traditions of Yoga that will most definitely change anyone’s life. My students leave feeling more connected to Self, balanced emotionally and physically, and all around whole.

What is your spirit animal?   My spirit animal is a Swan. The swan shows new ways of thinking, breathing, and going with the flow of life – developing intuitive abilities and altered states of awareness (which is one of the key components to transformation).  The swan brings forth the ability to see into the future and accept the healing and transformation that is so constant in our lives.  Let the swan be a reflection of your own inner grace and beauty.

What color (or colors) is your Aura?   My aura color…blends between blue and indigo.  Both have been my favorite colors since I can remember.  To me, they represent the sky, the waters, the overtone as the moon shows her reflection.  They soothe me, heal me, and make me feel at peace.  

What are 3 unique or interesting things about you?    

1.) I am a woman of healing and transformation and have dedicated my life and career to the Divine workings around and within me. 

 2.) I am fascinated by many cultures, traditions, and healing modalities which have created my personal businesses, Manifest It, Body/Mind Wellness, LLC, specializing in Thai Medical Massage, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, and Sound Vibrational Therapy to heal and harmonize acute and chronic body/mind/sprit imbalances.

3.) I ground myself through nature, energize myself through African Drumming, and keeps my spirits high by traveling inside mySelf and all around the world.

What do you hope to share/cultivate through Yoga?    I hope to share the true magic and power behind Yoga.  The more I learn and embrace the teachings, the more I can share what it all has done for my life. Everything I teach has changed my life significantly, and I hope it does the same for you.

How do you end each class - your closing farewell? I end each class with the Sanskrit words, Jai Bhagwan – meaning, VICTORY TO THE SPIRIT! Jai Bhagwan!

Anything else you would like to add? Life is simply a reflection, what you think you become, you have the power to change your reality, are you ready to embark on this journey of Yoga?

terra kopf

I believe that a powerful yoga practice can be crafted for any individual, regardless of their age, experience or physical ability. I am a RYT who focuses on uniting breath and movement through a dynamic vinyasa flow. My goal is to allow for healing and personal transformation, breath by breath. I specialize in creating unique and inspiring classes that leave students feeling whole and content in body, mind, and spirit. I completed my training at the Maui Yoga Shala in 2014, and have continued to study with many teachers including Nat Kendall, Eddie Modestini, Adam Ballenger and Desiree Rumbaugh.

texel feder

Texel is a yogi whose passion and devotion for sharing the practice has become a way of life. For Texel, the real practice begins when we roll up our yoga mats and go back out into the world. How we integrate the work we do in the yoga studio back into our relationships, work, and everyday interactions is the core question of her practice and teaching.

Her yoga path began in Bozeman during her first year of college at Montana State University in 2010. After several years of practicing at Your Yoga in Bozeman she attended her first yoga teacher training at Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico in 2016. She has also studied with Shiva Rea and Rusty Wells as she continues to deepen her own practice and teaching.

Texel invites students to find their own form of Bhakti, devotion and love, in whatever form it might take, when they come to practice. She focuses on uniting body, breath, mind, and spirit to provide an intentional experience for students.