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Babes and Babies 6 Week Series

Fridays 10:30am-11:30am  February 16- March 23

Share sacred space with other mamas, bond with your baby, and find community through yoga & motherhood.  In this 6 week series, we will practice safe & effective  poses and breath exercises to help relieve mental, physical, & emotional tension. 
Learn movements to help your baby sleep, build strength, and improve digestion.  
Perfect for babies 2 months - just before walking.

$80 for Series

Save me a Spot Please

class rates

Single Class   $10

Intro Month  $30

10 Classes   $80

One Month Unlimited  $80

Monthly Unlimited Autopay   $65

Student Monthly Unlimited Auto Pay  $50

Intro to Yoga Private Session  $35


Special Rates Available for Combat Veterans

(Contact Crystal for more info: 406.599.5005)





It is not necessary to sign up in advance for classes





mindful preparation

"there are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting."

                                    - BUDDHA

Your practice begins when you walk in the door. Please allow ample time to:  

Remove your shoes, turn off your cell phone & sign in for class.                                          

Only take in what is absolutely necessary. 

We ask that you enter your practice, and our collective space, with a humble mind and an open heart. 

We encourage you to own your own mat. If you do not, we will rent one to you for $1.

Class Courtesies: 

  • ARRIVE ON TIME- No late entries allowed. 

  • Gently lay out your mat and arrange any props you may need near your mat, leaving room for other students to do the same.  

  • Be kind and notice if you need to adjust your mat to make space for student(s) looking for a spot.

  • Wear enough clothing to cover the essentials.

  • Whispering before or after class respects the peaceful environment; please save conversation for after class.

  • Please honor our wonderful staff, teachers & fellow students.

  • Prepare yourself to stay through final relaxation pose,  savasana.

Personal Courtesies:

  • Slow down and Breathe.

  • Breathing slowly through your nose calms the mind and body whenever you’re in a tense position, in or out of the studio.

  • Stay with the poses being offered, modify when needed, and practice yoga at your own pace. . 

  • Keep your mind at ease and your heart open: smile and keep it light.

  • Allow your practice to bring more peace into your life and share that peace with the world around you.

We are all here to free our bodies & minds  //  thank you for joining us.