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M W F 6a-7a

Deep Release Hatha with
Becca Covington

“My journey to mindfulness through yoga began eight years ago. I suffered anxiety as well as low-self esteem and was often distracted and overwhelmed. Yoga has helped me become more patient, caring and tolerant of myself and the world I live in. More over, asana and pranayama practice have always proven useful when I need that extra bit of motivation or guidance in my life. The life lessons I’ve learned on the mat extend to every corner of my life and it’s my passion to share these lessons with others while helping them achieve their asana goals.” ~ Becca


At Your Yoga, you will always feel welcomed and celebrated for your authentic nature.  

Our staff of friendly teachers will infuse you with yoga’s magic,  and provide you with a safe environment to seek peace within yourself.

This is your place.  this is your yoga.

class rates

Single Class   $10

10 Classes   $80

One Month Unlimited  $80

Monthly Unlimited Autopay   $65

Student Monthly Unlimited Auto Pay (with valid ID)   $50

Service Industry or Co-op Employee Monthly Unlimited Auto Pay  $50 

Intro Month  $30

Intro to Yoga Private Session  $35

Special Rates Available for Combat Veterans- Contact Crystal for more info: 406.599.5005

It is not necessary to sign up in advance for classes





mindful preparation

"there are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting."

                                    - BUDDHA

Your practice begins when you walk in the door. Please allow ample time to:  

Remove your shoes, turn off your cell phone & sign in for class.                                          

Only take in what is absolutely necessary. 

We ask that you enter your practice, and our collective space, with a humble mind and an open heart. 

We encourage you to own your own mat. If you do not, we will rent one to you for $1.

Class Courtesies: 

  • ARRIVE ON TIME- No late entries allowed. 

  • Gently lay out your mat and arrange any props you may need near your mat, leaving room for other students to do the same.  

  • Be kind and notice if you need to adjust your mat to make space for student(s) looking for a spot.

  • Wear enough clothing to cover the essentials.

  • Whispering before or after class respects the peaceful environment; please save conversation for after class.

  • Please honor our wonderful staff, teachers & fellow students.

  • Prepare yourself to stay through final relaxation pose,  savasana.

Personal Courtesies:

  • Slow down and Breathe.

  • Breathing slowly through your nose calms the mind and body whenever you’re in a tense position, in or out of the studio.

  • Stay with the poses being offered, modify when needed, and practice yoga at your own pace. . 

  • Keep your mind at ease and your heart open: smile and keep it light.

  • Allow your practice to bring more peace into your life and share that peace with the world around you.

We are all here to free our bodies & minds  //  thank you for joining us.